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About Us

"Lo-kah, Sa-mas-ta, Sukhi-no, Bha-van-tu"

Ancient Sanskrit Mantra

Translation - May our world be established with well-being and happiness

The founding and grounding vision of Blue Sage Ayurveda

The founding principles of Blue Sage Ayurveda are that of integrating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in ways that create a world that is sustainable and harmonious for all beings.

Blue Sage Sanctuary is a physical place where one can, with the guidance of a practitioner, explore a traditional Pancha Karma or LIfeLab™ program to go more deeply into the experience of one’s true nature as spirit and take that experience as an integration into one’s daily life.

Our History

In 2004, born of the vision of inspired living, meaning “in spirit” or in “present time”, the founding principles for the practice of Blue Sage Ayurveda came into being.

Blue Sage Sanctuary is a physical place to “remember our true nature" and experience integration of mind, body, spirit as a whole. This is accomplished by implementing the practices of meditation, constitutionally correct body therapies, and right living practices.

The culmination of these practices creates an expansion of consciousness that compels one to remember, as we say, "one’s true nature as spirit".

At Blue Sage Ayurveda, we also say, “abide in the silence of your true nature”, because in that silent space, the space between thought, ideas, etc., you can experience your true self with fewer distractions. In time, if a person lives a life of constant distractions, imbalances of the mind and body will ultimately result.

Principles of Ayurvda

Choosing to live in ways that are truly sustainable allows a graceful evolution to occur within the individual and hence the collective society. The cultivation of a healthy community is a central aim of the practice of Ayurveda.

Applying the principles of Ayurveda to the mind, the individual may find that allowing time each day to create space for meditation brings forth a greater sense of well being and balance in daily life.

Applying the principles of Ayurveda to the body by eating nourishing foods and using special herbal oils maintains a supple and well nourished body. As a result, the body relaxes, and the spine becomes more flexible and the nervous system performs more optimally delivering an even flow of prana, energy, to the entire system. This will also provide the individual with a greater sense of well-being or “ease of being” in their body.

Applying the principles of Ayurveda to the spirit the individual may come to a place of self-inquiry where he or she may ask “who am I, and why am I here?” These are profound questions and are often are the very catalysts that compel the individual to embark on a spiritual journey to know themselves more deeply. Often, this journey may lead to a place of choosing to live in ways that may be referred to as “right living”. This means, ways of living in the world that are of service to one another, instead of just the self, and are harmonious by nature with all of life.

Blue Sage Ayurveda Team

The Blue Sage Ayurveda practitioner team are a group of gifted, well-trained individuals who hold a common philosophy and work ethic. They have come together with the intention of bringing more awareness and harmony to the lives of the individuals they work with. Each of them share a common background in Ayurveda. An important grounding principle of Ayurveda is aimed at cultivating the awareness that ultimately the integration of mind, body, and spirit, when in balance, express as "Harmony". Ayurveda explores these unique "qualities" by accessing each individuals constitutional make up. This is referred to as their "Doshic" or "VPK" (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) make up. Their approach to working with the mind, body, spirit and its relationship to the environment are based on the 5 elements; ether, air, water, fire and earth. When the physical body is in harmony with nature, the emotional and spiritual aspects of the body will also reflect harmony. This philosophy is a base theme among the practitioner team.

A common thread that has brought the practitioners of Blue Sage Ayurveda together is the belief that the environment one works in is as important as the work one does. Each of them feels a synergistic relationship to the practice and the land, known as Blue Sage Sanctuary.

They each recognize that allowing the mind to quiet and the body to become still, creates an opportunity for individuals to experience the essence of their true nature. In this quiet place, one is able to access deeper places in the mind, body, spirit where true and profound healing can take place.

Each of the practitioners at Blue Sage Ayurveda has a deep love for humanity and feels that service and compassion are by nature, our true expressions.

Core Practitioners / Resident Stewards

Extended Core Practitioners

Jyotish Team (Vedic Astrology)

Hall of Fame Practioners

The practitioners in our hall of fame have made a contribution in the past and span a wide range of experience in Ayurveda and other complimentary therapies. Please click the pictures below to get to know them.