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Blue Sage Ayurveda
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Shipra Maurya

B.A., C.M.T., P.K.S., A.H.P., Yoga Siromani

Shipra graduated from San Francisco State University with a special major: Eastern and Western concepts of health and healing that combine psychology, health education, and an emphasis in holistic health. Within her holistic health training she was formally introduced to Ayurveda and was immediately taken back to memories of her childhood. Upon connecting with Ayurveda something within her sparked and and began to open. It was two years later that the results of this transformation became realized.

She completed her training as a massage therapist at the San Francisco School of Massage and also received a yoga teacher’s certificate from the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy. After formally learning yoga, Vedanta philosophy, reading the Bhagavad-Gita, meditating, and chanting kirtans she realized she was home at last; the sounds of her youth flooded her senses with memories of chanting and listening to the tabla, pounding with the rhythms of her heart. The spark from two years earlier became a light which guided her back to herself, and soon after she became a student of the California College of Ayurveda and thereafter received her Ayuvedic Health Practitioner certificate. She was then guided to Pancha Karma and began the journey of becoming an Ayurvedic Pancha Karma Specialist.

Drawn to body work, Shipra believes in the importance of touch within the healing process and the power of holding that fragile space for someone on their journey back to balance. The process is that of harmonizing with all of creation from the inside out. The Sanctuary of Bluesage Ayurveda is the perfect place for this expression, the sounds of flowing water and the peaceful surroundings of mountains, one is able to go deeply within their healing process. Shipra feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the conscientious team of talented healers which comprise the Core Team of Blue Sage Ayurveda.

Each day Shipra feels extremely blessed and grateful to continue on her path as a vessel of healing and to have found her home within Ayurvedic medicine. She is honored to participate in the daily practice of offering this great healing work to those who seek it.