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Hear what our former clients have to say about their experiences at Blue Sage Ayurveda.

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Dear Ragaia and Pema, Thank you so much for your care and support during my treatments. Being in this sacred healing space has been a balm for my soul and was exactly what I needed for this leg of my journey. The love and attention you put into the details of the suite, the food, the spacing of the program ... and the guidance from both of you is deeply felt. The entire property is a blessing to walk upon - and your stewardship and love for Mother Earth is apparent. Thank you for creating this beautiful sacred healing space and for sharing your gifts and talents (with me) and with the world. With love and gratitude, Jane Miners
Chico, CA
In the whisper of the wind In the turning of a leaf In the song of the morning bird In the fire of the granite stone In the scent of the mountain Arises the triumph of the spirit. Aum shanti Ommmm
What a complete, beautiful, telling, sensitive, whole and overall lovely experience! 2015 brings a lot of transition into play for me and taking this week, here in this fantastic setting has given me the solid foundation to continue to cultivate positive change through the remainder of the year. I have felt completely held and taken care of on all levels and the credits-for details did not go unnoticed. As a bride-to-be, many thought to take a week away was nub—I believe strongly believe it is the very thing I could have done for myself. I took this time to write my vows, focus on our ceremony and to focus on me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to furthering my knowledge in Ayurveda. Thank you, namaste
3rd time is a “charm.” So incredibly grateful for the loving care I received from Pema, Ragaia and Alicia. I have watched Blue Sage evolve the past 8-10 years and every time, leave so incredibly happy. Each journey different but the results always the same. A solid, healthy foundation of peace & joy so that I’m ready for my next path purpose in this wonderful life. Thank you so much. Namaste
Karen H
As a “first timer” here, this has all been new to me and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I have felt like a sponge, trying to soak up all the knowledge and information that has been offered here. The attention to detail, the individualized care and of course the gorgeous surroundings all make for a great place to start on a  new path. I hope to come back again and plan on continuing this healthy positive journey.
This is the third Pancha Karma I have had at Blue Sage in the past 12 years. Blue Sage has continued to evolve with a vision that is forward thinking, especially for these turbulent times in the world. The sanctuary continues to create peaceful places to be; with the additional pathways, springs to sit next to and the meditational yoga retreat area that guests can retreat to, Blue Sage is a place to go if you want to rejuvenate with Ayurvedic Treatment and also step out of the worldly mind and tune into ones true nature This is  place where I can easily say no to technology because healing energy of nature soothes my being. The Ayurveda treatments are very nice. The Ayurveda therapists not only give the basic PK treatments but so much more than that is expected. I feel their kindness and it is comforting. The PK monitoring and decisions for my PK by Ragaia are always perfect. I trust his years of experience and it is easy for me to relax under his care as I know he is making the right decisions for me. It is very easy to trust and relax and let the Ayurveda process unfold. I once again walk away from Blue Sage feeling like I have found my true nature, that I am rejuvenated in body-mind and spirit. I am very thankful that Blue Sage exists and know that I will return.
Ambika Jennifer Andrews
Certain places on earth, have more magic than others. Blue Sage is one of those places. The experience was healing, profound and life changing. I’m deeply grateful to Ragaia and Pema for their love, time and attention, and for “restoring” me. Every higher level of your life requires a different version of yourself, and I am ready to use my newfound wings and fly! With deepest gratitude and love,
Nalla Mazzaniin, New York City
Quiet as the night This peaceful place on high A vision of love and a dream remembered Volcanos erupted Earthquakes shook Cracked wide open With no where to run Commitments held solid Surrender had its rewards New heights were found greater depths felt The 11th hour has come Awe is in the air Mesmerizing, captivating. A deeper love, eyes wide open. Gratitude was always the theme. Not wanting to leave…one last gift, all is within. on wings of love, I fly home. A heartfelt thank you to dear Ragaia and Pema!
Patty Paul
Back again for my annual cleanse and serious spiritual reboot. I value Pema and Ragaia so much for the tender love and care they ALWAYS provide me, even if I get grumpy. :) I know this year I will see tremendous shifts in 2017 towards my true calling - it was this time away - although too short - that will propel me and give me the direction and confidence I needed to venture out. Thank you both as always. Your hearts and souls beam unconditional love and guidance. Namaste,
Karen H. + Aiya in spirit
It is my first time and I absolutely love it! I came to relax and reflect, and it was perfect. The Bliss Therapy that Pema gave me was divine. Her insights helped me to think of the changes Is need to do in my daily life to feel more balanced. It is such a beautiful place, I feel so blessed that I came here. Thank you, Pema, for the amazing care that you have given me. I look forward to being back here. Many blessings,
Thank you for changing my life in such a powerful way. I'm so grateful for having had the chance to experience such transformation with you. Thanks for opening your doors tom me, for sharing your life and knowledge. Thanks for listening and comforting me at all times. I've learned so, so much through this process and I can say that I'm going back home as a new person. I feel strong, empowered and mostly clean. You guys have thrown my soul in a  bath tub (full of oil, of course). I can feel my energy flowing in such a way, and I'm so ready to take care of myself and my family. I'm also ready to infect people with many lessons you taught me. Spending time in that art studio has brought something so pretty out of me. I've always wanted to relax through making art, and I'll definitely keep practicing it. I hope this can be the beginning of something bigger and that I can have you in my life forever. With all my love,
The one thing that stands out about Blue Sage is the sacred care and consciousness that the practitioners bring to every aspect of their work. This is not a small thing and it is the reason that I can see myself returning time and again.
L.R., Mill Valley, CA
The practitioners handle every detail of therapy with the utmost sincerity and loving, concentrated care. It is their attention to detail and focused energy that truly makes this place stand out.
D.Z., Mill Valley, CA
This is truly a magical place where I can feel free to relax and learn. All I can say is WOW! I feel fortunate to have spent time in your beautiful Sanctuary!
D.L., Nevada City, CA
Thank you for a deep purification and re-balancing Panchakarma – it began with an exhausted, weak me and ended with a strong, clean, clear-minded me. I was impressed with Ragaia’s depth of knowledge and wisdom in applying that knowledge. I will definitely return to Blue Sage for regular healing intervals.
I was happy to return to Blue Sage Sanctuary for a second time. A valuable experience! I plan to return again and again. Thank you!
What a peaceful, serene setting, only surpassed by the gracious treatments and energy. Thank you for a great way to spend a birthday.
This place is almost too good to believe. Every detail is thoughtfully attended to with perfection and beauty. The atmosphere and the staff are holy – I mean it – and their spiritual power and the purity of their lifestyle drive away ones toxins and toxic thoughts and awaken bliss and joy and light. They are consistently kind and respectful and gentle. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to come back and bask in the peace and love. I’m leaving here a happy woman and that’s quite something.
I am calm, joyful and ready to incorporate many new lifestyle changes into my home. This experience has been one of the great blessings of my life!
I arrived for my sessions with my sister the day before my 51st birthday exhausted, stressed, toxic and tense. I have been on a 7 yr path of chronic illness, pain, depression and despair. The peaceful surroundings, Ragaia’s gentle guidance and wisdom, Tess and Janya’s kind support and caring have brought me back to a place where I can incorporate back into the world with grounding, health and a newfound vision. What a joy it has been to share this journey with my sister, and we hope to return in the future!"
P.C., Los Altos Hills, CA
Just what my soul, mind and body needed! I shall return.
Now I know why I was guided to Blue Sage – I’ve been touched by angels!
C.D., San Rafael, CA
The surroundings were so beautiful and peaceful. I saw an owl one day, and a giant grey egret as well as a snowy egret. The lizards provided regular entertainment along with the hummingbirds and dragonflies. I am calmer, more nourished and more deeply present. Thank you so much!
I’ve never done Pancha Karma before, but can now believe this is an ideal place and means for undergoing P.K. It was wonderful to be able to absorb the benefits of the therapies in an environment of clean warmth and privacy. May all those who come to Blue Sage do so without expectations and depart each day as souls rejuvenated for the next stage of their lives. The good folks at Blue Sage are earning their Karmic merits!
D.W., Occidental, CA
I came here reluctantly at the gentle urging of my husband. I did not care for much of the process and it took a lot of trust to see it through. I am pleased with the strength I revealed to myself, the loving gift my husband knew I would benefit from, and the gentle caring of Ragaia and the Blue Sage Staff. Moreover, I’m invigorated by the results I see in my mind, body and heart. Hooray for this start!
Holly, Truckee, CA
Losing both of my parents was making me hold on to whatever I could. That is why I was so relieved to have P.K. Thank you Tess and Megan for providing me with such a safe and caring environment. This experience was very special to me. The last time I felt so cared for was by my mom.
Glenda, Fresno, CA
What a gift to give myself! I know the results will continue to grow in value as the weeks unfold – this is a beginning of a lifelong process. I feel very happy and "met" as an individual. Although I did not have specific expectations, this has far exceeded anything that I could have imagined!
J.A., Sheep Ranch, CA
I loved the environment and design – the earth-tone colors, natural fabrics, woods, sacred art and ambient music. Our meditations together and nature walks and chanting follow me into my dreams.
Gina, Spicewood, TX
Incredible experience! I feel completely rejuvenated, centered and ready to meet my path. Thank you for your energies and making Blue Sage available!
Jennifer, Chico, CA
What a blissful time we had. A little piece of Blue Sage will be with us everywhere we go. Thank you, completely.
Annie and Alan
What a beautiful sanctuary for healing and rejuvenation you’ve created here! Everything in the building/environment and in the P.K. treatments is done with exquisite care and attention to detail to support a wonderful experience for the body/heart and soul. Thank you for your patient, flexible and loving care, both Ragaia and Megan – I deeply appreciate your healing presence and support. I am feeling much clearer, cleaner and more balanced – with a greater feeling of connection to my essence.
We all need places like this to go for solitude, thought and peaceful awakening of our inner spirits.
I am married with 3 children and 2 cats and have a blessed life, but I had become on the verge of melting under the stress of a busy life as a business owner, wife, mother – caretaker for all – so I arrived for my therapies ready to be cared for – and allowing myself to be cared for I am ready to return home and continue on this journey of healing and really loving myself. I hope to return with my husband one day for some Bliss Therapies, and I hope to return again for P.K.
Julia, Reno, NV
Pancha Karma has been a life changing experience for me! Each day that I allowed myself to trust I felt the layers slowly pull away, while the smoothing and buffing of my skin removed life’s painful tarnish. The inner body therapies helped me to release both the toxins in my body and in my mind, until I came face to face with the sunny, rosy cheeked, childlike me, dependent on nothing, loving everyone, free and pure. What a gift you have helped to give me. Thank you.
The word for this experience is EXQUISITE!" The beauty and stillness of the land, the creation of this oasis of healing, the ancient therapies so lovingly given. Every detail thought out so all we have to do is relax.
Vivienne, Bolinas, CA
I have walked around and found my favorite trees here I like to visit them often. I’ve spent much time simply lying in the cotton hammock and have been soothed by the bubbling water elements around this beautiful land. Thank you for everything, I am truly grateful.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beauty, love, care and attention to all the details. It was bliss. I am beyond grateful. I will take Blue Sage into the world with me.
My second Pancha Karma here – so wonderful! So much care and love put into every detail – the environment, the treatments, the deep quiet behind the lovely sound of the water... I could go on and on! What a life changing experience this has been. Thank you. Thank you. I shall return!
Vivienne, Bolinas, CA
So glad I’m here, so glad I’m here’ – my heart sings out as I look out on that yummy blue-green vista!
I have experienced profound change & transformation during my P.K. I credit the healing space and the loving presence of Ragaia and Megan. Your presence reminded me of truths I had forgotten. I came to reset my digestion and am leaving with a reset of my spirit. I was strongly led to this sanctuary and am filled with gratitude. Thank you for re-kindling Ayurveda for me. In every way this practice brings 'me' to 'we.'
Susan, Monrovia, CA