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Trainings and Events

Blue Sage Ayurveda offers spa therapist training, educational opportunities, and sponsors events for practitioners and guests.   Please visit here for updated information regarding 2024 /2025 training programs and workshops - coming soon.

Ayurvedic Body Therapy Training Packages
Study with the team of Blue Sage Ayurveda! Open to spa therapists, Ayurvedic practitioners, massage therapists, integrative healing practitioners and holistic modality specialists looking to expand their knowledge base, skill set and menu of therapeutic offerings in the realm of Elemental and Ayurvedic Body Therapies. Training packages are customized based on end use application (spa environment, clinical setting, integrative wellness community, modality specific), and feature a balance of in depth practicum and hands on therapy application. Available training packages consist of Abhyanga Massage, Shirodhara, Nasya and Chakra Dough Basti.

**Please inquire for specific Ayurvedic Body Therapy packages offered, available training dates and program rates.

ShiroBliss Shirodhara Training Packages
Allow the team of Blue Sage Ayurveda to train and assist in growing your knowledge and skill set in the use of ShiroBliss and the administration of Shirodhara. Ragaia and Pema are authorized educators with ShiroBliss and have been successfully utilizing the ShiroBliss equipment in their practice for over eight years. Customized training packages open to spa therapists and health practitioners of all modalities.

**Please inquire for specific Ayurvedic Body Therapy packages offered, available training dates and program rates.

Blue Sage Ayurveda Apprenticeship and Mentorship Programs
NEW APPRENTICESHIP AND MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS COMING SOON! Learn and grow as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Body Therapist and Pancha Karma Specialist with the team of Blue Sage Ayurveda. Hands on opportunities to learn through apprenticeship programs will be available on site at Blue Sage Sanctuary, and distance mentorship programs will be made available via on line through weekly and monthly coaching sessions. Stay tuned for additional details as opportunities to study directly with Ragaia and Pema further develop.