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Blue Sage Ayurveda
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The Ayurvedic Spa at Blue Sage Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Sanctuary

Blue Sage Sanctuary is a place to relax, be nurtured and receive the gift of rejuvenation. Using traditional Ayurvedic therapies and protocols, our aim is to restore your sense of balance and well-being, cultivating the level of energy you desire. The stress of life often challenges our ability to experience stillness.  In modern day life, stillness is rarely valued.

A lack of stillness in one’s life,can lead to an over identification with the dramas of every day life. These dramas exhaust us physically and emotionally giving rise to illness and unhappiness. Ayurvedic Pancha Karma and Rejuvenation programs restore our balance, strengthen our immune system, and guide us to remember our true nature as happy, healthy, harmonious beings. Whether you spend five days or four weeks at the Ayurvedic Sanctuary, you will leave stronger, more grounded, and centered with a renewed vigor and commitment to life.

The term "Sanctuary" in the West has come to symbolize a place of respite.  Blue Sage Sanctuary was designed to provide an elegant place to receive Ayurvedic Pancha Karma and Rejuvenation programs, and also as a place where one can enjoy privacy and the majesty of nature.