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Alisha Jacobs

Ayurvedic Body Therapist

Alisha pursued her calling in herbal medicine during her cosmetology career ten years ago. She began working with plant based and organic beauty products at a salon in Placerville called Studio B. During her free time at the salon she would research ingredients in the products used from a book called “Awakening Beauty” by Dr. Hauschka, which contained a variety of holistic recipes for skin care remedies. It was at this time she began experimenting with making her own beauty products using herbs and oils. In working with clients she gained an increased awareness of the way herbal products affected people differently, and became curious about why responses to the same products had such different impacts on each person.

A few years later she began studying Deepak Chopra’s work in “The Book of Secrets” and “Perfect Health”, in which she gained clarity in the art of natural healing and desired to learn more. She was inspired to develop an Ayurvedic personal practice consisting of a morning routine, an elemental appropriate diet and new lifestyle choices. Observing the different Ayurvedic elements at play, she made a connection regarding her curiosity about different skin and hair types, and the unique reaction with each individual’s elemental constitution. This began a journey that led to her passion for exploring the mystery and alchemy of plants, herbs and Ayurvedic body therapies.

Much to her surprise, upon moving to Nevada county she discovered that the California College of Ayurveda (CCA) was located in the town next to her home. To Alisha this was a sign to dive even deeper into her interest of alchemy and Ayurveda. She immediately enrolled to begin her studies at the college to further her understanding of Ayurveda. While attending CCA she completed the Herbal Apprenticeship Program and began making Ayurvedic herbal products and medications. This led her to become interested in understanding their impact on the cleansing and rejuvenation process of Ayurveda called Pancha Karma. Upon completing the Ayurvedic Pancha Karma Body Therapies program taught by Ragaia Belovarac at CCA, she reached out to pursue an Apprenticeship at Blue Sage Sanctuary. As a result, Alisha was invited to join the team and continues to grow and learn with her fascination of discovering the simple roles and delicate balance of nature’s elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether). She continues to beseech the wisdom of plants and their holistic and sacred connection to the body, mind and spirit in her work with producing Ayurvedic oils and herbal remedies, as well as furthering her passion around the impact of Ayurvedic body therapies and the Pancha Karma process.