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Blue Sage Ayurveda
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Ragaia Belovarac

Founder & Steward; M.A., C.A.S., P.K.S., C.M.T

Ragaia is the Founder and Steward of Blue Sage Ayurveda / Sanctuary located in Northern California. He is also the primary Ayurvedic consultant  practitioner directing programs and guiding clients during their in house programs at the Healing Sanctuary. He received his certification as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (C.A.S.) and Pancha Karma Specialist (P.K.S.) from the California College of Ayurveda (CCA) and the American Institute of Vedic Studies. As past Co-Director of the CCA Pancha Karma Center his understanding of holding space further deepened in a way that facilitated the individual’s healing journey. While with CCA Ragaia helped to fund and design the renovations of the Pancha Karma center and then went on to Co-direct the PK center and it's programs until 2004.

 In 2004, Ragaia was led to a beautiful 20 acre parcel in the outer limits of rural Nevada City California. The practice of Blue Sage Ayurveda came into being and the vision of Blue Sage Sanctuary was born. Ragaia continues to further develop programs for depending this ancient process of cleansing, elimination and rejuvenation to present day.

It is Ragaia’s feeling that people can choose to heal themselves – by making “Right Living” choices that create environments that are a balance of natural elements and therapies that empower and strengthen the individual to experience optimum health and peace of mind.

Ragaia brings a fluid understanding of how creating nurturing space will create nurturance and rejuvenation in our lives on a daily basis. Living within a “design” of nurturance helps to ensure this occurs. He firmly believes that creating sacred healing spaces in our lives is as important as eating organic foods. This has always been true, and is perhaps now more true than ever, with the amount of stress and anxiety that exists in everyday life.

Ragaia’s intention in bringing Blue Sage Sanctuary into being, was and continues to be, to create a harmonious environment that assists in igniting and catalyzing the awareness of nurturance and rejuvenation. This helps to create a "space" that invites oneself further inward. This is accomplished by working with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the natural elements of sound, light, water, earth and space in a graceful and conscious way.