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Blue Sage Ayurveda
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Kim Kinjo

C.M.T, P.K.S., C.A.S.

In 1991, Kim Kinjo began her work in the healing arts by completing her training as a massage therapist at the Phillips School of Massage in Nevada City, CA. In 1996, she became a staff member of the massage school where she was exposed to several modalities of bodywork that complimented her original training, including: Structural Integration Deep Tissue, Reiki, Jin Shin Do, Trager, Reflexology and Shiatsu.

In 1997, Kim enrolled in an herbal apprenticeship with Kathi Keville in Nevada City. It was through that apprenticeship that Kim was introduced to Candis Cantin, owner and teacher of EverGreen Herb Garden and Learning Center in Placerville, CA. This was Kim’s first introduction to Ayurveda. In 1998, she enrolled in Cantin’s Integrative Herbology Program. Her classroom was set in Cantin’s extensive herb gardens, and Kim was taught the properties of Western, Indian and Chinese herbs, within the philosophies and framework of Ayurveda.

Years later, after receiving an Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy at Blue Sage Sanctuary, Kim was inspired to continue her studies of Ayurveda. In 2006, she enrolled in the California College of Ayurveda. Through this experience she has been able to bring together the birdsong from Cantin’s gardens and join with the more clinical side of Ayurvedic Medicine. In the Fall of 2008, Kim graduated as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Pancha Karma Specialist. She looks forward to imparting the beauty and deep healing that Ayurveda contains.

Kim has also spent many years exploring her passion for dance and performance through African and Flamenco Dance. In addition, Kim opens her heart through her voice and singing. Kim writes, “Life is a blessing and a celebration to be lived fully and vibrantly. When we are in balance, we can thrive and feel joy and a senseof peace in our hearts and minds. When we are in balance, we crave that which keeps us in balance. When we are out of balance, we crave that which keeps us out of balance. (author unknown.) When one experiences an Ayurvedic treatment, the depth and wisdom of 5,000 years is undeniably felt. Remembering our True Divine Nature as Spirit is the by-product of time spent with Ayurveda. It’s a blessed path full of snehana (oil and love!). Namaste.”