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Pitta: The Ayurvedic Dosha of Fire + Water

The Pitta Dosha is comprised of the element Fire with a little Water. All "fires" in the body are contained within water. Pitta controls the body's balance of kinetic and potential energies. All of Pitta's processes involve digestion or "cooking". The enzymatic and endocrine systems are Pitta's main field of activity. Pitta produces its effects because of its own innate characteristics. It is oily, or unctuous, not because fire is oily, but because oils and fats burn brightly in fire. Like fire it is hot, intense, and light. Its fluidity and mobility derive from the fact that it is contained within water.

Lava enters the ocean creating orange steam.
Photo by Mandy Beerley on Unsplash


  • Hot
  • Light
  • Intense
  • Fluid
  • Mobile
  • Potent

Organs Associated with Pitta

  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Liver
  • Brain
  • Blood
  • Spleen
  • Endocrine
  • Small Intestine