abide in the silence
Blue Sage Ayurveda
of your true nature


Historically, meditation has been a personal practice that is inwardly explored and developed to facilitate deeper awareness and understanding of our connection with all of creation.

At Blue Sage Sanctuary, we believe that meditation manifests in many ways. Individuals have the opportunity to develop a unique meditation practice stemming from their own sense of direct experience and divine knowledge.

Photo by Надя Кисільова on Unsplash

Meditation involves setting aside a regular time and place for the specific purpose of discovering that infinite well of wisdom which lies within each of us.

By methodically slowing down the continuous ramblings of the mind and creating simple, focused attention on the vibrations of love, service, compassion, or whatever is meaningful to you, the mind becomes clear and motives more pure.

The subconscious releases hidden knowledge that allows for better understanding, and intuitive forces are released, leading to a life of greater wisdom and peace.

Ultimately, the aspirant of meditation practice is led to the point of self-inquiry. It is in this place that having the guidance of meditation instruction can enhance your journey within.