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Digital Detox™ - Enhance your program

"let's stop treating each other like machines, it is okay if someone does not immediately respond to your email. do nort expect quick replies to every text message. the internet and social media have sharply increased the demands on your personal energy. be a human and take your time." - young pueblo

At Blue Sage Ayurveda we place a major emphasis on "being human" and making space for yourself to just "be:.



The intention of the Digital Detox Box™ is to hold our “precious” devices in a designated area of our living or work area when we would like to have an intentional break from using them. The Digital Detox Box helps us to intentionally take a needed break from our devices. 

This “break” is something that many are now seeing is critically important for monitoring their daily use of their digital devices throughout the day.  

Let’s begin by identifying that Digital devices have certainly transformed how we live our daily lives. No one could argue that having the convenience of what is essentially a very compact computer in your possession on a regular basis has made many of life’s daily activities faster and more efficient. Everything from checking email, weather, social media interaction, booking travel reservations and managing all aspects of our businesses and personal lives at our finger tips, and with so few “clicks”! 

So, what’s the issue?… Right?  Well, with all of this amazing convenience, it has become evident that this fast moving technology also creates the “sense” that there is even less time then ever… as a result of the speed at which things can be accomplished there is also the constant feeling that whatever is “happening” is urgent and needs your attention right now! Yes, this is one of the main issues… everything begins to feel as if it requires your attention RIGHT NOW! As a result of  information being able to reach you so quickly, you feel “obligated” to receive it and deal with it immediately. This causes a significant additional strain on your entire bodily system(s). 

For example, there is currently plenty of research showing that the over activation of the Vagus nerve is responsible for much of the “Fight or Flight” symptoms that many are feeling and actually manifesting as long term syndromes.  

Blue Sage Ayurveda will continue to integrate current research studies and device impact studies with regards to  our approach with facilitating “Digital Detox” awareness sessions and programs as  such studies become available.  

The “Digital Detox Box” ™ offers you a way to intentionally create a “practice” of placing your device in a designated area for the purposes of taking a literal physical break form using it, as well as a mental break from habitual use, and many of the bodily strains that are resulting. 

Many people today are experiencing symptoms from over using their digital devices. Physical symptoms may include, but are not limited to; headaches, eye strain, digestive disturbances including chewing less, or too fast, as well as eating too fast and overeating, being distracted and feeling more distracted in general, neck  and shoulder tension and discomfort, hand pains from repetitive use, chest pain, breathing difficulties, and general tightness in chest to name a few. 

Psychological symptoms may include, but are not limited to; anxiety, insomnia, worry, fearful states, overwhelm,  irritability, anger, intensity, regret, sadness, lethargy, sadness, emotional “triggering”and depression to name a few. 

In our practice, here at Blue Sage Ayurveda, we have seen how these symptoms over the last 20 years have continued to grow in proportion. At this time, we have discovered in our consults with clients, that almost everyone who uses devices daily can identify with something that has created some form of stress or physical challenge for themselves. 

Many people now report that any number of the above symptoms may be manifesting for them on some regular basis. Clearly this is an issue that many now face as a real challenge in their daily life either directly or indirectly as a result of using their digital devices as a daily habit.