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Developing Sadhana

A key element to spiritual development and peace of mind is developing a personal sadhana, or practice. A sadhana can be any one of a number of rituals that you personally feel drawn to and are comfortable committing to on a daily basis. Sadhana, known in yoga as the “Path to Self-Realization,” is time taken each day (usually in the morning) to meditate, practice asana (yogic postures) and/or mantra. However, a personal daily sadhana needs not adhere to only these activities. Even a simple contemplative or meditative walk each day can be a sadhana ritual. The important element in whatever you are drawn to is that you are able to maintain a calm and centered state and that it is an activity or non-activity, such as sitting in meditation, where you are able to relax and surrender into the flow of the ritual that you are engaged. This desired state of being is often referred to as “no mind” where you are able to remain in a quiet state of conscious awareness regardless of the stress of daily life. In fact, this is one of the greatest benefits to developing and maintaining a strong daily sadhana.

A golden Buddha in front of an altar

Developing a personal sadhana will will provide many benefits and here are are just a few:

  • Quiets the mind and reduces stress
  • Improves mental clarity throughout the day
  • Decreases the movement Vata
  • Improves mental focus and ability to commit
  • Increases productivity in the work environment
  • Promotes harmony in personal relationships
  • Deepens spiritual path-opens self-awareness
  • Replaces ego-self with awareness of unity-self, or oneness
  • Ultimate awareness of oneness connection to all beings

At Blue Sage Sanctuary we believe in guiding those interested in developing a personal sadhana and invite you to participate in sitting meditation and mantra practice. We are also glad to educate our clients about sadhana and give support in any way we can.