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Ayurveda LifeLab™

What is “Ayurveda LifeLab™?

Ayurveda LifeLab™ is our answer to addressing many of the challenges presenting today in our modern world while continuing to honor the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

The year 2020 was a time of change and brought many things into focus, both in world at large, and in our practice working with clients. Over the years our offerings at Blue Sage Ayurveda have continued to evolve with the times as well. As we continue offering the traditional methodology of Ayurvedic Pancha Karma and Rejuvenation programs, we are pleased to announce the addition of our Ayurveda LifeLab™ approach as additional strategies and contemporary modalities continue to come into focus. You can think of the Ayurveda LifeLab™ as our way of acknowledging and integrating new emerging techniques within the realm of energy medicine, sound therapy, light therapies and other quantum therapies to name a few. These all contribute to health and healing and are not excluded by the principles of Ayurveda, but rather incorporated in our approach of Ayurvedic methodology.

The Creation of Ayurveda LifeLab™ and the resulting programs are our response to the resounding health challenges and imbalances of modern times.  The approach is a contemporary perspective, applying the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the current state of the world. Many of the references within the realm of Ayurveda are ancient and historical and speak to another time, a time that has long passed. Modern day people are often challenged to understand the relevance and often times the references that are frequently made in how the foundation of Ayurveda is explained. What is now being coined as "New Ayurveda" is emerging and gaining momentum in the public awareness. "New Ayurveda", as it is being referred, simply means... "Current" and relevant in a way that people of today can better understand and interact with. Our Offering of Ayurveda LifeLab™ helps with this understanding and helps make Ayurveda more "approachable".

Ayurveda LifeLab™ acknowledges that life is a living process.…and that we ourselves are living dynamic beings on a journey to experience wholeness.  Life is not something to be “hacked” through, or something to be thrown aside in an effort to find “shortcuts”, as if we have something better to “do” than fully live and experience this life.  Who fooled us (collectively) into believing that life was something that we had to get through and over with as soon as possible?  What are we rushing towards???

This is an important question that we must ask ourselves if there is any hope of finding a life of balance that can result in peace of mind and ease of being.  Within the BSA LifeLab program, our intention is to assist you in creating ways that compel as many “Symptoms of Wellness” as you desire.  Working in this way, you can manifest your optimal Lifestyle.

You may ask, “What do you mean by Symptoms of Wellness?” Simply put, this represents symptoms or expressions of balance that you may experience, such as as healthy digestion and elimination, vitality in your daily life, having deeper sleep cycles and waking up rested, and overall greater peace of mind. In other words, when there are fewer or no imbalances present, you feel better and are more free to pursue your highest potential to live a healthy life!

Ayurveda is rooted in the fundamental core principle that maintaining sufficient agni, or fire, is key to health, well-being and longevity.  It can be said that the majority of the health crisis’ we now face as a collective are a result of insignificant, or imbalanced agni, (systemic) and specifically as it relates to the strength of digestive agni, or digestive fire.  This can show up as the inability to assimilate nutrients, poor elimination patterns, excessive gas and bloating, mental and emotional imbalances , skin conditions, weakened detoxification and immune functions, chronic aches and pains, fatigue and low energy, disturbed sleep and disregulated blood sugar.  

Traditionally Ayurveda recommends seasonal cleansing to reset digestive fire on a regular basis and unburden our bodies from the toxic load and stressors that may be contributing to overall health imbalances.  Ayurvedic cleansing involves preparing the body to “clean house” by slowly eliminating foods and drinks that may be contributing to a weakened digestive fire, taking an herbal or oil laxative to flush accumulated toxins, ingesting ghee internally each day to help loosen accumulated toxins, encouraging the movement of toxins with daily self-oil massage, and rejuvenating our digestive fire to a place of strength and balance.

Seasonal and periodic Ayurvedic cleansing can contribute to more energy, increased clarity, shedding excess weight, improved digestion, less body pain, mental and emotional stability, improved quality of sleep, immune resiliency, fewer seasonal allergies, and an improved relationship with food.

Join us in person for an on-site, immersion Pancha Karma program or online for an Ayurveda LifeLab™ 14 or 10 day Home Cleanse.