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Teachers who Inspired

Over the years our founder, Ragaia Belovarac, was blessed to work with many teachers that have contributed to the blossoming of Ayurveda in our modern times. Each one, in some way, has also played a role in the ultimate manifestation of Blue Sage Ayurveda / Sanctuary.

Here we would like to make honorable mention of those teachers that Ragaia has worked with, past and present, in ways that ultimately inspired the journey to continue the tradition offering Ayurveda's wisdom.

(Create a photo Gallery here with name under each) Brent BecVar, Bette Timm, Dr. Claudia Welch, David Crow, Dr. David Frawley, Dr. John Douillard, Master Mantak Chia, Dr. Marc Halpern, Ram Das, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Sarita Shresta,

Ragaia and the team of Blue Sage Ayurveda are grateful for the gifts each has shared through their writings and teachings - Om